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tyc8722太阳集团城拥有全球领先的正常运行的年产4万吨生物法环氧乙烷生产装置,采用从美国Scientific Design Company,Inc公司引进的乙醇法工艺。乙醇是来自以木薯、玉米、甜菜等植物作为发酵转化的生物基原料,相对于传统的乙烯法生产环氧乙烷,生物法是更加绿色环保的生产工艺,更加符合国家的可持续发展战略,也更加利于环境保护,为全人类的健康和安全做出积极的贡献。

Qianjiang Yongan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd have the world leading bio-process ethylene oxide production unit in normal operation in China with an annual output of 40,000 tons, which adopts the ethanol way of producing ethylene oxide which we imported from a US company called Scientific Design Company,Inc. Ethanol comes from cassava, corn, sugar beet and other plants as bio-based raw materials for fermentation and transformation. Compared with the traditional ethylene method to produce ethylene oxide, the biological method is a more green and environmentally friendly production process, which is more in line with the national sustainable development strategy. It is also more conducive to environmental protection and makes positive contributions to the health and safety of all human beings.

Biological ethylene oxide is a very important key raw material in many industries, and is widely used in downstream industries such as food packaging, daily chemicals, and detergents.